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Biggest Movie Disappointments (2012)

January 15, 2013



Not all of these (or any?) are bad, just kind of felt a little disappointing and so soiled my experience. 1. The Dark Knight Rises (3) – There’s a lot of things I could pick on here, but the main this was this: the movie was seriously lacking scenes of Batman being Batman. You could […]

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Biggest Movie Surprises (2012)

January 8, 2013



This year’s first movie list! This is probably my favorite list to discuss, because most of these movies caught me off guard and though they may not be the best movies I’ve seen all year, they certainly had an extra surge of entertainment value due to my low (or sometimes uninformed) expectation. 1. Crazy, Stupid, […]

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Movies 2012

January 7, 2013



I watched a grand total of 105 movies in 2012. I made a note of each movie as I watched it, including a number (1-4) representing my evaluation of it’s entertainment value. I will be sharing this week some of my favorites and least favorites. It was a great year for movies! When I tell […]

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The Worst Halloween Candy

November 1, 2012



Maybe you sift through your stash separating the good from the bad. Maybe you let your candy horde exist in one big pile and you pick it apart piece by piece. Maybe your parents confiscate it all and give you small portions of what they deem acceptable for consumption. Maybe you just eat with reckless […]

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